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Many parts of a truck can malfunction. The brakes may not work. The steering can be faulty. The fuel system may ignite. Tires may blow out. Parts can be defective because they are designed poorly. Truck parts can be faulty because they were made with poor materials or were not made to match the design. Instructions can be inaccurate. Whatever the reason, when truck parts fail during operation, drivers, passengers, and bystanders can be killed or suffer serious harm.

At Delius & McKenzie, PLLC, our Sevierville truck part defect lawyers understand the applicable law. Our legal team knows that the manufacturer or seller of the product is responsible if the product fails and causes injuries. There is no direct requirement to prove fault. Our lawyers have been helping Tennessee residents injured by truckers get justice in court for more than 20 years. We have obtained substantial jury verdicts and settlements for many local residents.

Types of truck part defects

Because they are such large and complex machines, there are many different ways in which a truck can be defective. Some examples of dangerous, faulty truck equipment include:

  • Poorly made tires that result in a blowout
  • Defective brakes that make it difficult or impossible to stop in time
  • Faulty trailer hitches that cause the tractor and trailer to disconnect
  • Defective steering systems that result in deadly crashes
  • Electrical components that fail so the driver cannot see or signal other drivers
  • Poorly designed wheel that cause the driver to lose control over the truck
  • Defective truck parts that cause the shipment to fall off the truck, causing a multi-vehicle disaster

These are just a few examples of the many possible consequences of a defective truck part. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident caused by a faulty part, turn to our Sevierville auto products liability attorneys today.

Who is responsible when truck parts are defective?

Many businesses and individuals can be responsible if a truck part is defective. Essentially, any entity involved in any part of the production and distribution process can be held accountable. This includes the following:

  • The designer of the product
  • The part manufacturer
  • A distributor
  • Any entity that sold the product part, including the truck dealer

In addition to holding these entities responsible for the defective product, our Tennessee truck defect lawyers also bring various legal claims to hold defendants responsible for your lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. In order to get you the compensation you need, we work closely with you to develop an effective strategy. Some of the arguments we can make include:

  • Product liability. This holds anyone in the product development and sales process responsible if the product fails to perform and injuries or death are a direct result.
  • Breach of warranty. Buyers of trucks with defective parts can claim that the product failed to comply with an express or implied business warranty. We investigate this claim.
  • Failure to inspect. Truck companies and drivers are required to regularly inspect their trucks for defects before the truck is allowed to driven. We also bring claims when companies complied with the law but failed to meet industry standards.
  • Failure to repair. If an inspection reveals a defect, the part has to be fixed before the truck can be driven. If the repair company does not perform the repair correctly, the company can be held accountable.

We thoroughly investigate your case to determine who and what is at fault.

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