Verdicts and Settlements

State v. Carte

1st Degree Murder
Delius investigation uncovered significant evidence showing client not responsible.
Grand Jury returned No True Bill, finding no probable cause.

$198k John Doe v. Anonymous City

Recovered over $150k for client involved in auto accident with a fatality, due to City’s failure to maintain overgrown foliage at a busy intersection.

$110k Allen Auto Accident

Recovered policy limits on behalf of client in addition to funds paid directly by negligent driver prior to filing suit.

State v. Reynolds

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Pate

DUI – Dismissed after motion to suppress at preliminary hearing.
DUI (Indictment) – Dismissed on basis of illegal stop.

State v. Holt

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid warrant for arrest.

$141k John Doe, et al v. Anonymous Sporting Goods Company

Recovered over $140k for client who was struck by a negligent driver drag racing at time of collision.

State v. Bohannon

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid arrest after client was stopped at a seatbelt checkpoint.

State v. Deskins

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Stiltner

TN Department of Safety confiscated over $11k in U.S. Currency; trial court ordered return of all monies; TDOS filed motion to set aside trial court’s order; after legal arguments, determined TDOS had no legal standing over trial court. Client was returned all monies in its entirety.

State v. Howard

2 Counts DUI 1st; Felony Evading Arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Possession of Handgun under the Influence; Leaving the Scene
DUI/Possession of Handgun dismissed; Felony Evading/Reckless Endangerment amended to misdemeanors.

$2.5m Johnny Doe v. Anonymous National Fast Food Chain

Multimillion dollar settlement against fast food restaurant that knowingly retained a repeat, violent sex offender as an employee.  The employee sexually assaulted Johnny Doe, who was a customer of the restaurant.

State v. Burgess

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid warrant.

State v. Chambers

DUI 4th
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$500k Anonymous Annuity Company v. Doe, et al

Recovered $500k for children of deceased parent.

State v. Carter

4 Counts Rape; 3 Counts Sexual Battery
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Covington

Aggravated Assault (Malicious Prosecution)
Jury Trial – Court dismissed all charges prior to verdict based on perjurious testimony from Affiant.
Recovered over $200k through civil jury trial on behalf of Covington for malicious prosecution

State v. Johnson

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Dixon

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$315k John Doe v. Anonymous Trucking Company

Recovered over $250,000 in pain and suffering for client who was struck by a tractor trailer.

$98k Ogle Auto Accident

Recovered over $98k in pain and suffering for client t-boned by negligent driver prior to filing lawsuit.

State v. Ratliff

Drug Fraud; Theft; Possession of Schedule II; Possession of Schedule IV
Judicial deferral, no jail time.

State v. Cobble

DUI; Possession of Weapon while Under the Influence
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$100k Floyd Auto Injury

Recovered $100k in pain and suffering for client hit by negligent driver who lost control of his vehicle due to speeding.

State v. Williams

6 Counts Sale & Delivery of Schedule II; 2 Counts Sale & Delivery Schedule IV; Sale & Delivery Schedule III; Possession of Paraphernalia
ALL COUNTS DISMISSED on basis of illegal detention.

$1.2m Jones, et al. v. Shaeffer

Recovered over 1 million for clients in multiparty car accident caused by an intoxicated driver.

State v. Martin

2nd Degree Murder
Jury Verdict – Not guilty on murder charge.
Jury Verdict – 1 Count Reckless Homicide (4 year sentence to be served on probation