Verdicts and Settlements

$1.2m Jones, et al. v. Shaeffer

Recovered over 1 million for clients in multiparty car accident caused by an intoxicated driver.

State v. Bohannon

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid arrest after client was stopped at a seatbelt checkpoint.

State v. Covington

Aggravated Assault (Malicious Prosecution)
Jury Trial – Court dismissed all charges prior to verdict based on perjurious testimony from Affiant.
Recovered over $200k through civil jury trial on behalf of Covington for malicious prosecution

State v. Pate

DUI – Dismissed after motion to suppress at preliminary hearing.
DUI (Indictment) – Dismissed on basis of illegal stop.

$141k John Doe, et al v. Anonymous Sporting Goods Company

Recovered over $140k for client who was struck by a negligent driver drag racing at time of collision.

$2.5m Johnny Doe v. Anonymous National Fast Food Chain

Multimillion dollar settlement against fast food restaurant that knowingly retained a repeat, violent sex offender as an employee.  The employee sexually assaulted Johnny Doe, who was a customer of the restaurant.

State v. Reynolds

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Burgess

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid warrant.

State v. Cobble

DUI; Possession of Weapon while Under the Influence
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Holt

DUI – Dismissed on basis of invalid warrant for arrest.

State v. Dixon

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Johnson

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$100k Floyd Auto Injury

Recovered $100k in pain and suffering for client hit by negligent driver who lost control of his vehicle due to speeding.

State v. Carte

1st Degree Murder
Delius investigation uncovered significant evidence showing client not responsible.
Grand Jury returned No True Bill, finding no probable cause.

State v. Deskins

Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$110k Allen Auto Accident

Recovered policy limits on behalf of client in addition to funds paid directly by negligent driver prior to filing suit.

State v. Ratliff

Drug Fraud; Theft; Possession of Schedule II; Possession of Schedule IV
Judicial deferral, no jail time.

State v. Howard

2 Counts DUI 1st; Felony Evading Arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Possession of Handgun under the Influence; Leaving the Scene
DUI/Possession of Handgun dismissed; Felony Evading/Reckless Endangerment amended to misdemeanors.

State v. Carter

4 Counts Rape; 3 Counts Sexual Battery
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

$198k John Doe v. Anonymous City

Recovered over $150k for client involved in auto accident with a fatality, due to City’s failure to maintain overgrown foliage at a busy intersection.

State v. Chambers

DUI 4th
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty

State v. Stiltner

TN Department of Safety confiscated over $11k in U.S. Currency; trial court ordered return of all monies; TDOS filed motion to set aside trial court’s order; after legal arguments, determined TDOS had no legal standing over trial court. Client was returned all monies in its entirety.

$98k Ogle Auto Accident

Recovered over $98k in pain and suffering for client t-boned by negligent driver prior to filing lawsuit.

State v. Williams

6 Counts Sale & Delivery of Schedule II; 2 Counts Sale & Delivery Schedule IV; Sale & Delivery Schedule III; Possession of Paraphernalia
ALL COUNTS DISMISSED on basis of illegal detention.

$500k Anonymous Annuity Company v. Doe, et al

Recovered $500k for children of deceased parent.

$315k John Doe v. Anonymous Trucking Company

Recovered over $250,000 in pain and suffering for client who was struck by a tractor trailer.

State v. Martin

2nd Degree Murder
Jury Verdict – Not guilty on murder charge.
Jury Verdict – 1 Count Reckless Homicide (4 year sentence to be served on probation