Bryan-DeliusRegrettably, the nationwide trend of disparaging law enforcement has come to affect us at home. The focus across the country of the media and politicians in maligning officers has come to affect us here in Sevier County. While Delius & McKenzie, PLLC works on a daily basis on behalf of citizens charged with crimes, and while this regularly requires that we often go head-to-head against police officers on the stand, at this firm we understand justice, and we gladly do something that most criminal defense lawyers won’t do: we stand up for the cops.

We’ve noticed an unsettling shift in the political culture of America. The media and politicians have started blaming police officers instead of looking at the actions of the perpetrators and failures of policy.  Instead of showing gratitude to those who protect and serve us, the media has created a culture of distrust and animosity toward law enforcement. Although, as criminal defense lawyers, we constantly challenge law enforcement and make sure they own up to their Constitutional burdens, we never disrespect or belittle police officers. Police officers certainly don’t like going up against us when they are prosecuting our clients, but they also acknowledge the tireless work and professional representation we provide to the accused. It is for that very reason, when cops are being investigated or prosecuted, they come to us.

Currently, a 25-year veteran detective has been recklessly accused of perjury by an out-of-county District Attorney who was not even involved in case at issue. This district attorney, who is more interested in pandering to the media for his own personal benefit, has undermined this detective’s credibility, potentially damaging the future prosecution of the perpetrators of serious crime.

There are two real problems with this district attorney’s reckless allegations:

  • First: that case is still going on, and the out-of-town DA is putting more effort into discrediting the detective than seeking justice for the victims.
  • Second: the DA has used this entire event as an opportunity to see his name in lights, because he values his fame more than he values the rights of the victims.

This is not about a trusted and decorated law enforcement officer committing perjury; the DA won’t even say how the detective allegedly perjured himself. This is about the systemic assault in the media on law enforcement officials being perpetuated by a man whose own inflated sense of ego trumps any desire to see justice served. Rather than focusing on his case against school officials, he’s chosen to jump on the media bandwagon of assuming the officer is always wrong as opposed to investigating fully his own school system, which has allowed bullying and hazing to continue for so long.

Our reputation for aggressive representation of citizens is exactly why law enforcement comes to us when they need representation

Contrary to the assertions of the media, not all criminal defense attorneys dislike law enforcement officers. As criminal defense attorneys, our job is to guarantee that ANY person accused of a crime –from a drug dealer to a DEA agent; whether civilian or law enforcement – has his or her Constitutional rights upheld:

  • You have a right to a defense
  • You have a right to a speedy and impartial trial
  • You have a right to face your accusers

These are the rights of every U.S. citizen guaranteed by the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. Our job – our only job – is to uphold those rights in a court of law to the best of our ability and in the highest ethical manner. This is why firm founder Bryan Delius has personally represented every law enforcement officer in this region who has been compelled to use deadly force in the last 20 years. It’s why officers all over Sevier County hate going against us, but contact us immediately when they’re in need. It’s why we will continue, to no matter how long it takes, to show everyone that this trumped-up case against the GPD detective is no more than a desperate bid for media attention by a DA who cares more about the limelight than the victims.

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