Common Causes of Burn InjuriesBurn injury victims can suffer a lifetime of physical pain. Serious burn injuries often require skin grafts and plastic surgery. The initial pain is often unbearable. Even after surgery, burn injury victims are in constant discomfort. For many victims, the emotional scarring is even worse. Many burn injury victims need to treat with psychiatrists and psychologists especially if the burns are on the face or arms.

Burns are classified in degrees. First-degree burns usually require short-term treatment. Second-degree burns normally require a trip to the doctor or an emergency room. Third-degree burns penetrate under the skin and destroy nerve endings. Victims of third-degree burns usually needs IV fluids, pain medication, and antibiotics. Third-degree burns usually cause permanent scarring. Fourth-degree burns damage muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bones, in addition to the skin. Many fourth-degree burns are fatal.

Burn injury victims should seek medical attention immediately to avoid infection, treat the damage, and help the body heal properly.

General causes of burn injuries

Burns are normally caused by one of the following:

  • Thermal burns. A common example is being burned by scalding hot water or touching a hot stovetop.
  • Electrical burns. These are due to exposure to high voltages which can cause cardiac attacks in addition the burns
  • Radiation burns. People can be burned due to excess UV exposure or exposure to radioactive rays. Short-term radiation burns can cause sunburn. Long-term radiation exposure may cause skin cancer.
  • Chemical burns. Toxic chemicals can damage the skin and internal organs depending on whether the victim touched the chemical or inhaled/ingested it.

Specific causes of burns

The following types of burn injuries are often due to negligence or carelessness. Responsible parties should be held accountable for the pain and suffering, physical and emotional scarring, medical costs, and lost wages they cause.

  • Building fires. If a home, apartment complex, office building, or other building catches fire, anyone in or near the building can be seriously hurt or die. All buildings should have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems. Buildings should be inspected for fire hazards.
  • Product defects. Manufacturers, distributors and sellers have a duty to make their products safe. If heaters, electrical products, or even fire extinguishers are defective; the defects can cause burns and wrongful death.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Any car or truck accident can cause a fire because the gasoline could ignite or because of electrical failures. Burn injury victims have the right to hold negligent drivers and car owners accountable.
  • Restaurants, hotels, and food services. Hot teas, coffees, water, and other hot liquids should be handled with care. Boiling water can easily can severe burns.

Any site that uses flammable liquids, such as industrial sites, can easily cause a fire. Companies that use toxic chemicals are required to follow federal and Tennessee safety laws regarding their proper handling. Many burn injuries also occur if someone’s clothing catches fire.

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