The Dangers of Large Truck AccidentsAny safety analysis of a trucking company should review more than just the number of accidents or deaths they caused. The analysis should review why the accidents happened, so that patterns of behavior can be identified and fixed.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), while most truck accidents happened on the roadway in 2016, 9% happened on the roadside and 3% of the accidents involved the median.

Bad weather and bad roads played a role, too, in the number of crashes that year: 81.7% of the truck accidents happened on a dry surface; 11.8% of truck accidents happened on wet surfaces. Snow was a factor nationwide in 1.8% of the accidents. Frost was a factor in 3% of truck accidents nationwide.

The breakdown of truck accidents by type for 2016 was as follows:

  • Other vehicles. 72.8% of truck accidents in 2016 involved trucks colliding with other vehicles.
  • Fixed object. In nearly 10% of the truck accident crashes, the truck collided with a fixed object.
  • Pedestrian. A pedestrian was struck by a truck 7.6% of the time.
  • Rollover. 4.6% of the accidents involved a truck rolling over.
  • Bicycle rider. 2.1% of truck accidents involved a bicycle or other personal conveyance.
  • Parked vehicles. 1.2% if the accidents involved a truck hitting a parked vehicle.

All told, 4,564 people were killed in accidents that involved large trucks or buses in 2016. In Tennessee, 134 people died in large truck accidents, and close to 2,000 people sustained injuries

How truck accidents happen

Trucking companies often push their drivers to put profit before safety. Even though there are laws on how long drivers can drive without a rest, trucking companies can be held liable if a tired driver causes an accident. According to The Truckers’ Report, Eagle Motor Lines and Swift have asked drivers to falsify logs, and Covenant Transport doesn’t offer proper training to new hires. If these accusations are true, then those companies could be held liable if their drivers cause an accident. Liability is based on the concept that principals are liable for the acts of their agents. If a driver speeds and causes death or serious injury and the driver was an employee of a truck company, that truck company is usually liable for the accident – in addition to the driver being liable.

Trucking companies can also be held accountable for truck accidents if they failed to properly inspect and repair their trucks. Truck companies need to check that their drivers have a valid current commercial driver’s license. At all times trucking companies and drivers are required to comply with the federal regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Tennessee state and local rules.

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