How Do I Get a Copy of the Police Report from My Car Accident?Car accidents, no matter whose fault, can be just the beginning of a process of red tape and paperwork. You must exchange information, documentation, and paperwork with the driver of the other vehicle, get in touch with insurance companies, visit your doctor, and get the police report.

A police report is standard for any type of car accident and is necessary when filing an insurance claim or taking any sort of legal action against the at-fault party if you were injured. This is why it is important to call the police after an accident – not only for your safety and injuries, but for an official record documenting the accident and what may have caused it.

And, if you and your attorney decide to file a car accident claim, the police report will be extremely helpful. However, you will not automatically receive a copy of the police report. If you are involved in a car crash in the Sevierville area, following are the resources and information you’ll need to get your police report.

You, the owner of the vehicle, and any legal representative have the right to procure a copy of the accident police report. This means one of your family members or friends cannot pick up the report on your behalf, unless they are the owner of the vehicle.

Where do I get the accident report?

After an accident, the police will ask you to fill out the required information on their report. They will then give you a business card or something similar with the accident report number, along with a phone number and location of the office where you can pick up a copy of the report.

In Sevierville, if you would like a copy of your report mailed to you, you may send a request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below. Include your report number, date of report, as well as any names of parties involved.

Sevierville Police Department Records
300 Gary Wade Blvd
Sevierville, TN 37862

You can also request a copy of your report online.

What information should my car accident report include?

Most car accident reports, no matter where they happen, contain the same general information.

  • Details of the accident. All relevant details of the crash, from yourself and the investigating officer. These include things like the time and date of the accident, how fast the drivers were going, road and weather conditions, where the vehicles hit each other, and any other notes the officer might have.
  • Injuries and damage. Injuries (non-fatal and fatal) and property damage are also included. This part of the report helps the insurance companies assess economic damages and losses.
  • Witnesses. Police may also interview any witnesses to the accident, and include their contact information on the report. If you decide to file a claim, any witness statements will be helpful for your personal injury attorney.

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