What Should You Do If You Get Hurt On Vacation?A lot goes in to planning a vacation getaway, whether it’s your annual trip to the Great Smokey Mountains, or your first time exploring Dollywood with the family. All the work and preparation usually pays off in exchange for relaxation and fond memories of a unique time. But what happens when a sudden injury occurs while you are out of state? Understandably, vacation itineraries rarely account for accidents.

No one plans to suffer a fall, break a limb, or experience a concussion while out adventuring with their family. But these accidents and others do occur from time to time. After the initial shock of the event and seeking medical attention, you may be wondering about next steps. When a serious accident happens out of state, it is important to understand how the local laws will affect a potential personal injury case. That’s why, if you are hurt on vacation, seeking the help of a local attorney is often an essential element for success.

What are common vacation injuries?

There is something about “vacation mode” that may allow some people think they are invincible. On the contrary, the risks of traveling and common activities associated with vacationing often lead to a higher chance of an accident occurring. Some of the most common personal injuries that occur on vacation include:

  • Car accidents. Despite news of packed airports and increased flight traffic, Americans still largely prefer to drive to their vacation destinations. Well over the majority of domestic travelers arrive by way of their personal vehicle. This means your weekend getaway still puts you at risk of one of the top day-to-day threats of serious injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly one-third of all automobile accidents result in a passenger injury. With that in mind, it is no surprise that getting to and from your destination can statistically be the riskiest part. A car crash can lead to a range of injuries including catastrophic injury, broken bones, head and back injuries, internal bleeding, heart attack, stroke, or soft tissue damage. Laws vary from state to state regarding insurance requirements for drivers, which is why the help of an experienced local attorney is so valuable for auto accident
  • Slip and falls. Scraping your knee attempting a rocky hike is one thing; a serious fall resulting in a hospital visit is another. Tourists and vacationers can often be victims of a slip and fall incidents due to the negligence of property owners. Common causes include uneven pathways, wet floors, damaged railings, and uneven or unsafe steps. Injuries from these falls range from fractured bones, permanent tendon or nerve damage, brain injuries, scarring, and organ damage. Whether it is a rental home, amusement park, or other host, if you have been injured due to a fall on someone else’s property, you want a lawyer local to the area to take your case and fight for fair compensation.
  • Activity-related injuries. Often, travelers want to explore an exciting new experience once they have arrived in a new place. Ziplining, white water rafting, tubing, rollercoasters, etc. are all popular vacation activities that, for the most part, pack the fun and adrenaline into a trip. But there are always exceptions. A lack of safety training, defective equipment, and undertrained staff can all pose threats to a carefree adventure and put you or your loved ones at serious risk of injury. An experienced local attorney familiar with the area’s laws can provide the support you need to seek justice for an activity gone wrong.
  • Bicycle injuries. Another popular vacation activity is biking. There is something incredibly freeing about getting around on two wheels while you take in the natural beauty of new surroundings. Of course, there are always locals, and they often don’t see cycling as the most effective way to get around. Hence, vacation spots can be especially dangerous for vacationing pedestrians who are unfamiliar with the area and navigating local traffic. Paired with an aggressive, inattentive, or distracted driver, the possibility of serious personal injury rises dramatically with a vehicular collision. If you or a loved one suffered injuries after being hit by a driver, seek a local attorney to take on your case in their context.

Why hiring a local lawyer is so important

When it comes to a tragic accident that leads to serious injury, you want the best prepared professional on your side. If your accident occurred out of your home state or local area, the best person equipped to take on your claim will be an attorney who is seasoned in the laws where the incident occurred.

  • Attorneys are licensed by state. The main reason it is so valuable to seek a lawyer local to the area is because they are licensed by the state where the case will go to court.
  • Insurance laws vary from state to state. When it comes to receiving compensation for an injury related to a car accident, the insurance of the person at fault matters. Not every state requires every driver to be insured. Therefore, experienced legal insight can help navigate the effective laws for your case and advocate for your just compensation.
  • Personal injury laws can be unique in each state. Fault laws, comparative negligence rules, and statutes of limitations fall under the jurisdiction of the state where the incident occurred.
  • Personal connections and proximity can be highly valuable. Local lawyers know key people in the area which they serve who can provide special evidence or insights toward the benefit of a case. Being located near the site of the accident may also give them easier access for collecting evidence and other important details.

Unfortunately, serious injuries do occur on vacation. In the wake of hospital visits and recovery, be sure to take into account the need for an attorney local to the area. A local lawyer is often the best equipped to advocate for your case and secure the fair compensation you deserve.

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