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When accidents happen, the responsible parties should be held accountable. Owners of businesses have a duty to make sure their premises are safe. Manufacturers and sellers should make certain their products are not defective. Drivers have a duty to keep their eyes on the road and to obey the traffic laws. Accidents cause more than just physical harm. Personal injury victims need to pay their health providers the costs of treatment. Many victims lose the ability to work while they are getting healthy. Physical pain is often accompanied by emotional anxiety.

At Delius & McKenzie, PLLC, our Seymour personal injury attorneys help accident victims prove someone else is responsible for their harm. We fight for our clients to get the highest compensation possible after suffering from a personal injury.

The different kinds of personal injury cases we handle

Personal injuries can occur as a result of many different types of accidents. Some of the common types of accident cases our firm handles are:

  • Vehicle accidents. We represent drivers, passengers, and bystanders in all vehicle crashes, including car accidents, truck collisions, motorcycle crashes, and more. Auto accidents often cause serious and even permanent injuries because of the speed of the vehicles and the huge force created by their size and weight. Our legal team works to determine exactly why the accident happened and who may be responsible.
  • Defective products. Cars, electronic products, toys, medications, equipment, and almost any type of product can malfunction. You may have a claim if the defect was due to a poor design, because it was made improperly or cheap parts were used, or because the instructions were insufficient. Makers and sellers of products and parts have the burden of making sure the items they build and sell work properly and do not cause harm. Our legal team holds these businesses responsible when they fail to make safe products.
  • Property liability. Restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, retail stores, and other companies all have a duty to their customers to inspect their property for any defects, such as broken tiles or wet floors. If a member of the public slips and falls on someone else’s property, they have the right to bring a claim against the owner and any maintenance companies that had responsibility for the premises. The duty of safety extends to individuals who allow a dog bite to occur or do not clean the ice off their sidewalks. We hold property owners accountable for the pain and harm they cause.
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse and neglect. Families look to nursing homes to provide comfort and support in their elderly family members. However, sometimes nursing homes fail to take proper precautions to protect residents. Many seniors fall because of a lack of proper safeguards. Some seniors are abused physically, sexually, or financially by the same people who are supposed to be helping them. Our Seymour nursing home neglect attorneys file cases against nursing homes to compensate injured clients and to help make sure future neglect and abuse does not occur to other residents.
  • Negligent retention of workers. Employers have a duty to protect their workers from misconduct and negligence from other workers. This duty means that employers should run criminal background checks so that workers are protected from dangerous people. Workers should also be properly trained and educated so they can perform their job without injury their co-employees. When a new worker is improperly trained and causes injury or attacks another employee, our attorneys can help.
  • Catastrophic injuries. Some accidents can cause injuries that last a lifetime. Our Seymour personal injury lawyers are here to help when you or a loved one suffers a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, severe disfigurement, the loss of a body part, or some other permanent injury. We fight to get compensation for the long-term care victims need and the lifetime of physical and emotional pain and suffering victims endure.
  • Wrongful death claims. The death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is compensable. Our lawyers identify which family members are allowed to collect damages if liability can be proved. We demand payment for the loss of income and the loss of emotional comfort and guidance the deceased would have provided the family members.

We also fight for clients hurt by dangerous drugs, in construction accidents, or for other reasons.

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