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Bikers love their motorcycles and the feeling of riding down an open roadway. More than 8.4 million people take to the highways on a motorcycle each year. Unfortunately, this large group faces many dangers with every ride because of the design of a motorcycle. Unlike a passenger vehicle, motorcycles do not offer that added layer of protection around the operator and passenger. While there are many kinds of injuries that a motorcycle accident can cause, one of the most serious is paralysis. When this life-altering injury results, trust an experienced Sevierville motorcycle injury attorney at Delius & McKenzie, PLLC to advocate for you in Pigeon Forge, Seymour, or Gatlinburg.

Understanding the various types of paralysis

Paralysis occurs when a trauma to the spinal cord or neck causes the brain to stop communicating with certain muscles within the body. Without this communication, the brain cannot command the muscles to move or serve their appropriate functions.

Motorcycle accidents can result in various types of paralysis, ranging in severity and duration. The two major types are:

  • This form of paralysis affects the lower half of the body. It is generally caused by injury to the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral regions of the spinal column. The paralysis may affect one or both legs. Patients generally need assistance with mobility, with the use of a wheelchair or other supportive device. However, some are rehabilitated to walk independently.
  • This form of paralysis affects legs, as well as the arms. It is generally caused by damage to the neck area, a brain injury, or damage to the high level of the spinal column. The complexities of the spinal cord sometimes lead to a situation where the quadriplegic individual has movement of the arms, but paralysis in the fingers. This injury can also impair the breathing and ventilation process of the body, resulting in the need for ventilator machine.

The duration of paralysis varies, depending on the type of injury to the spinal cord. In some cases, the paralysis may only last a few days or weeks, while others may experience paralysis for more than a year or indefinitely. The location of the paralysis can also vary, with loss of sensation or movement in different parts of the body.

Other complications of paralysis

When a motorcycle accident victim experiences paralysis, it is not just the inability to move that contributes to the seriousness of the injury. It often causes numerous other health complications that require their own specific methods of treatment, including:

  • Bladder spasms or malfunction may require the use of a catheter.
  • Bowel constipation or incontinence may require surgery, rehabilitation, or the usage of a colostomy bag.
  • An increased risk for deep pain thrombosis or blood clots within the legs may require blood-thinning medication.
  • Pressure wounds from inactivity are especially painful and require immediate treatment.
  • Depression is three times more likely among paralyzed persons than those who are not paralyzed. This type of mental complication often requires ongoing therapy.

An experienced Sevierville motorcycle injury lawyer understands that paralysis is accompanied by a variety of complications and conditions. That is why we work hard to secure a level of compensation that will cover the medical expenses of all related injuries.

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