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Motorcyclists face a variety of risks and must take extra care to ensure the safe operation of the bike, while also watching out for the negligent actions of other drivers on the road. When motorcycle accidents occur, there are various injuries that may result. Burns and road rash are common consequences of a motorcycle crash. When these serious injures occur, it is important for the injured party to secure the services of a trustworthy and experienced Sevierville motorcycle injury attorney at Delius & McKenzie, PLLC to advocate for their rights. Our attorneys have been guiding Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Seymour, and Sevierville clients through the legal process for more than 20 years.

Consequences of motorcycle burn injuries

Treatment for extensive burns is expensive, with the most serious cases requiring skin grafts. This is a procedure where skin is transplanted from one area of the body onto another. The procedure can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the injured area. In addition, treatment expenses increase if the patient develops secondary health conditions in relation to the initial burn. Some examples include:

  • Infections to the exposed skin
  • Internal infections, such as pneumonia or sepsis
  • Failed skin grafting
  • Severe disfigurement
  • Psychological complications

These costs place a significant financial burden on the injured party. That is why our experienced Sevierville motorcycle accident lawyers work hard to secure the level of compensation necessary to properly treat your burn injuries.

What is road rash?

One of the most common types of motorcycle crash burns is a condition referred to as road rash or road burn. The prevalence of this condition stems from the openness of a motorcycle. Without the protective shell that a passenger vehicle provides, motorcycle riders are often thrown from the bike during an accident. When the rider hits the ground, it is likely that his body will slide along the pavement, causing severe injury to the skin. Road rash can also result when a rider becomes trapped under the bike as it drags across the pavement to a stop.

The degree of injury from road rash can vary significantly. At the mild end of the spectrum, a rider may experience bruising and skin abrasions. In these situations, the injury does not extend beyond the first layer of skin, so there is only slight bleeding. However, the lack of blood does not mean that there is a lack of pain. Even a small abrasion can expose numerous nerve endings and cause the injured party significant discomfort.

At the other end of the spectrum are instances where the impact causes the top and inner layers of skin to rub off. This level of injury is particularly dangerous and skin grafts are often necessary to correct the problem. Extensive periods of hospitalization are common for the most serious cases of road rash.

Other causes of motorcycle burn injuries

Motorcycle burn injuries also occur when fire ignites from the impact of the bicycle with another vehicle or object. The openness of the bike allows for a greater risk of damage to the gas tank. A forceful impact can cause the tank to explode into flames, while the rider is still mounted. A minor impact can create leakage from the gas tank. In this situation, even a single spark from any vehicle at the scene can cause the leaked gas to ignite into flames. The resulting burns vary in severity, depending on the degree of injury:

  • First-degree burns, though painful, are usually treated on scene.
  • Second-degree burns generally result in some level of hospitalization.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious, often requiring skin grafts and extensive treatment. In addition, scarring from this level of burn is often permanent.

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