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A car crash involving two vehicles is bad enough – but when three, four, or even more vehicles are affected by an accident, the results could be catastrophic. Multi-car collisions can shut down highways, total cars, and leave victims with life-changing injuries.

At Delius & McKenzie, PLLC, our philosophy is to hold negligent parties accountable while protecting the rights of the injured. Our Sevierville multi-car collision attorneys are champions of justice throughout Tennessee, getting clients like you the compensation they need to pay their medical expenses, make up for lost wages, reimburse their property damage, and more. If you need legal help in Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or anywhere else in Tennessee, contact our firm today.

Complications of a multi-car collision

Because of the way fault is applied under Tennessee law, and because of the sheer amount of people and property involved in chain reaction car accidents, they pose some particular challenges. Some of those complex challenges that our Sevierville multi-car collision lawyers can handle include:

  • Determining liability. When more than one car is involved, we first need to figure out who caused the accident. In some cases, this is obvious; in other instances, it is not straightforward. Sometimes, more than one driver shares fault.
  • Assessing damage. After a multi-car accident, investigators need to find out the extent of property damage and who caused which damages.
  • Causes of injuries. Multiple cars means several drivers and passengers were involved in the accident. With the help of medical professionals, your legal team needs to determine the extent of everyone’s injuries and whether or not your medical problems are related to the crash.
  • Insurance issues. More cars mean dealing with more insurance companies, which always makes thing more difficult. Adjusters may try to place blame on a driver who was not at fault or may try to settle a case quickly for less than it is worth.

Not every Sevierville law firm has the capabilities, resources, and experience to handle a multi-car collision lawsuit. Thanks to our attorneys’ years of dedicated service to upholding justice and our firm’s immense resources, Delius & McKenzie is well equipped to meet even the most complicated legal obstacles following your accident. If filing a claim against the negligent party or parties seems overwhelming, understand you do not have to go it alone. Our aggressive Sevierville car accident attorneys will negotiate on your behalf until you get every penny you deserve.

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