Complications of Tennessee Car Crashes Involving Stationary Objects

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When most people think of car accidents, they picture two or more cars hitting one another. A considerable amount of auto accidents in Tennessee, however, involve a moving car and a stationary object: a tree, a telephone pole, a building. When that happens, drivers and passengers alike may sustain serious injuries, which are compounded by the added expenses of severe property damage.

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Times when hitting a stationary object may not be your fault

If you were driving and you collided with a stationary object, the insurance company may automatically try to pin the blame on you. There are times when a crash with an inanimate object may not be your fault. Maybe there was a hazard on the road or perhaps your car malfunctioned—in such cases, another negligent party may be to blame. Examples include:

  • A car part failed, causing you to hit an object or building
  • A vehicle was parked illegally and was obstructed from view
  • A tree limb fell in the middle of the street and the town failed to clear it
  • A construction company left debris on a road

In a case in which you suspect someone else is at fault, let an attorney handle the insurance companies. A Sevierville lawyer from Delius & McKenzie, PLLC can investigate the crash and help identify liable parties to pursue for compensation.

More stationary object car accident cases

You could have also been involved in a stationary object accident where your property was hit or another driver injured you. Such situations include:

  • A person drove into a building (called “car incursion” in the legal field) and you were injured
  • Your car was parked on the street and someone hit it
  • Your personal property, such as a mailbox, was hit by a careless driver

If this has happened to you, turn to a knowledgeable Sevierville accident attorney at our firm to guide you through the legal process.

Tennessee lawyers getting results after an accident involving a stationary object

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