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Trucking companies often push or exceed the limits on the amount of goods they ship. They figure that overloading trucks with inventory saves costs because it reduces the number of shipments and the size of the truck that is needed. But overloading trucks causes many dangers. They are harder for the driver to control and more difficult to maintain because of the wear and tear overloads put on the truck. Overfilled trucks also make it more likely the cargo will spill over onto the highways causing multi-vehicle accidents.

The Sevierville truck accident lawyers at Delius & McKenzie, PLLC investigate the causes of accidents by examining the truck involved and the scene of the accident, as well as by conducting extensive discovery of witnesses and documents. In some cases, we employ engineers and accident reconstruction experts. Trust us to fight for your right to compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, scarring, and other damages.

What truck overload laws apply?

At our firm, our lawyers understand the complexities of truck laws. Some of the laws that apply to truck overload cases are:

  • Single axle trucks can carry a maximum weight of 20,000 pounds.
  • Double axle trucks can carry no more than 34,000 pounds.
  • Trucks cannot weight over 80,000 pounds.
  • Truck axles must be properly spaced.
  • In Tennessee, trucks weighing more than 10,001 pounds must be inspected annually.
  • Drivers of large-weight vehicles must have a commercial driver’s license.
  • Loose material must be properly secured.

Our Sevierville truck overload accident attorneys use violations of federal and Tennessee laws to help prove drivers and truck companies are at fault. Our legal team understands the relevant laws and customs of the trucking industry trade. Where there is a direct disregard of safety laws, our lawyers demand that defendants pay punitive damages

Why overloaded trucks create unnecessary risks

Our Sevierville overloaded truck accident lawyers understand how and why truck accidents happen. This knowledge includes the following dangers that are associated with overloaded trucks:

  • Overloaded trucks are more difficult to steer. This can lead to rollovers and jackknives.
  • Improperly loaded trucks put more pressure on the truck’s rear tires. This can cause the front tires to actually leave the ground.
  • The heavier a truck is, the faster it will travel downhill.
  • Heavy trucks are difficult to steer in curves.
  • Tire blowouts are more likely.
  • Collisions have more physical force because the trucks weigh more.
  • Overloaded trucks are more likely to spill onto the highway.
  • Trucks with unsecured loads are also more likely to spill onto Tennessee roads.

If you have been involved in an accident involving an overloaded truck, trust our firm to fight for your rights.

After an accident with an overloaded truck, contact our Sevierville lawyers today

Truck overload accidents are inexcusable. In many cases, the truck overload is due to more than just the negligence of the driver. It is often due to truck companies who put profits before public safety. Shipping companies and other business who exceed the legal requirements and common safety issues by overloading trucks should be held accountable. The Sevierville truck overload attorneys at Delius & McKenzie, PLLC help residents get justice against irresponsible truck companies. Please contact our lawyers by calling 865-428-8780 or completing our contact form. We represent clients in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Seymour, Sevierville, and throughout Tennessee.